Shenyang University Cultural Corridor Landscape Lighting Project Begins


Shenyang University Cultural Corridor is a river tunnel connecting Dadong District and Shenyang University to connect the Shenyang University North and South Campus. The tunnel is 204 meters long and is divided into two entrances and exits. In order to enhance the lighting and landscape effect in the tunnel, the campus atmosphere is highlighted. Dadong District assigned the lighting management department of the Urban Management Bureau to be responsible for the landscape lighting construction work within the tunnel. After two months of preparatory work such as design, cost, bidding, etc., the landscape lighting project of Shenyang University Cultural Corridor has been fully started. The construction period of this lighting project is 30 days. It is ready to install line lights, wall washers, point light sources, pedestrian interactive lights, 10 background light boxes and different types of lighting items in the tunnel. The project uses LED energy-saving and durable lighting materials in the selection of lighting. At the same time, in order to avoid safety problems, the construction unit hoisted the safety warning sign during the construction process. Up to now, the construction unit is working on the skeleton installation of the background light box, and all the lighting projects are expected to be completed and put into use in early May.

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