Jinhengli Small PE PP Film Crusher (QL-300A)


Model NO.: QL-300A
Item: Plastic Granulator
Power: 5.5kw / 7HP
Screen Net Diameter: 8mm
Rotating Speed: 610 Rpm
Weight: 300kgs
Feeding Inlet: 300*210mm
Rotating Diameter: 215mm
Blade: 2 Fixed Blades 9 Moving Blades
Trademark: JinHengLi
Transport Package: Standard Wooden Package
Specification: CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 84778000
Model: Powerful QL-300A(B)
Power: 5.5kw / 7HP
Rotating Speed: 610r/min
Rotating Φ Dia: 213mm
Spindle Φ Dia: 72mm
Moving blades: 9PCS
Fixed blades: 2PCS
Crushing ability: 150-200kg/h
Feeding inlet: 300x200mm
Screen net Φ: 8mm
Net Weight(without motor): 270kgs
Package size(LxWxH): 1.20x0.82x1.23 m
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Plas-Auxiliary Recycling Equipment Manufacturer

1) Strong structure, easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable
2) Uses high quality steel material especially for making knives of the crushers, the machine stands long use under severe and continuous service conditions.
3) The blades can be grinded for many times and can be used repeatedly
4) Blades base is made of T10 high quality steel, hard to be broken and damaged; Blades base structure is stable and durable
5) With flat type, claw type and cross type blade and screen with different hole size for chose to suit various demand.
6) With double reduce noise layer design to reduce noise output.
7) Has protection system with the power supply to ensure the equipment safe
8) Easy to clean and maintain, the hopper, crusher room, blades and screen can be removed and mounted easily.
9) Necessary for the plastic extrusion machines and other plastic recycling industry.
Plastic Crusher  (Powerful type QL series)
Model QL-300A (B) QL-400A (B) QL-500A (B) QL-600
Power Kw 5.5 7.5 11 15
Hp 7 10 15 20
Rotating Speed
610 580 600 506
Rotating Φ Dia 
213 243 247 292
Spindle Φ Dia 
72 72 78 82
Moving blades
9 12 15 18
Fixed blades
2 2 2 4
Crushing ability (kg/h) 150-200 250-400 300-500 500-600
Feeding inlet
300x200 400x245 500x285 600x315
Screen net Φ (mm) 8 10 10 12
Net Weight - kg
(without motor)
270 360 500 775
Machine size
( LxWxH m)
1.12x0.74x1.10 1.28x0.88x1.35 1.45x1.00x1.45 1.58x1.16x1.72
Package size
( LxWxH m)
1.20x0.82x1.20 1.36x0.96x1.45 1.53x1.08x1.56 1.66x1.24x1.84
FOB price
1050/1125 1420/1555 1835/1995 2860
Powerful type crusher: stepped claw blade (multi-cutter)
This type of crushers are applied to granulating various soft, hard materials shaped in strip, lump or sphericity. And especially efficient for plastics in sheet or plate.
Suggestion: QL-300 - 500 ( thinkness of sheets & plates had better under 8mm)
QL-500 - 600 ( thinkness of sheets & plates had better under 10mm)
NOTE: (Difference)
Model A: Upper box be with  iron sheet liner.
Model B: Upper box be with stainless iron  liner.

The oil-gas Separation Filter is a device that separates the micro oil droplet to ensure that the lubrication system can work well and almost no micro oil droplet goes out of the air flow of the compressor . Applications: Solid-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid separation and purification in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, atomic energy, nuclear industry, natural gas, refractory materials, fire-fighting equipment, etc.


The air from the compressor mains is filled with oil droplets of different sizes. Large oil droplets are easily separated by the oil-gas separation tank, while small oil droplets (suspended) must be filtered by the oil-gas separation filter. The correct choice of glass fiber diameter and thickness is an important factor to ensure the filtration effect. After the element filtered, the small oil droplets are quickly polymerized into large oil droplets, which go to the bottom of the Filter Element. These oils are returned to the lubrication system through the inlet of the return line at the bottom of the filter element, allowing the compressor to discharge relatively pure, high-quality compressed air.

Oil-Gas Separator

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