Bend-arm (C-axis) by servo motor + exclusive transmission gears
2 Position electric decoiler & Eye to sky decoiler
Clamp die by hydraulic
Pressure die by hydraulic
Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor
Collet (B-axis): Rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic
Tooling shift: Motion up-down by hydraulic, left-right by servo motor
Automatic mandrel lubrication
Anticipated mandrel retraction unit
Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop and remote control
Industrial PC assorted with touch screen display, capable of 3D bending simulation, 3D preview and collision prevention
CE mark

Clinical waste is the term used to describe waste produced from healthcare and similar activities that may pose a risk of infection, for example, swabs, bandages, dressings etc. or may prove hazardous, for example medicines. The most commonly used definition can be found in the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992 .

Hospital & Clinical waste disposal equipment

Hospital Waste Disposal,Hospital Waste Treatment,Hospital Waste Management,Clinical Laboratory Waste Management

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