Helical Blade/Harvester Auger/Continuous Flight/Screw Flighting


  • Model NO.: HS-HB004
  • Power Source: Hydraulic Turbine
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Use: Harvesters
  • Trademark: HS
  • Type: Horizontal Cut Harvester
  • Application Field: Agriculture
  • out Dia: 35-800mm
  • Design: Welcome Your Require
  • Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang

A: Material: Stainless steel; 65Mn steel
Material: High Quality Low Carbon Steel (Q195, Q235, etc. )
Work Range: Inner Dia. ≥ 16mm, Outer Dia. ≤ 600 mm, Thickness ≤ 5mm. We can make different sizes continuous cold rolled helical blade without welding.
Main Application: Used for the transmission devices for the Combine Harvester, Grain Machinery, Threshing Machinery, Poultry Feed Machinery, Snow Blower, Drilling Machinery, Construction Machinery, etc.

Out dia.: 35-800mm; Inner dia.: 12-750mm; Thickness: 1.5-8mm
B: Stainless steel helical bla
1. Material: Stainless steel; 65Mn steel
2. Out dia.: 35-800mm; Inner dia.: 12-750mm; Thickness: 1.5-8mm
3. Continuous cold rolled once spiral blade, without welding, easy to install.
4. We can accord to the customer's requests to produce the spiral blade with arbitrary outer diameter, arbitrary diameter, arbitrary length, arbitrary pitch, arbitrary thickness and arbitrary direction.

Application: The products mainly apply to the combine harvester, corn threshing machine, feed processing machinery, screw conveyer, cement machine (earth auger, drilling machine), snow plough(snow blower) and any other machine's transmission devices.


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