How to protect the electronic frequency converter?


Inverter we will not be unfamiliar, inverter is the use of power semiconductor devices on the off role of the power frequency power conversion to another frequency power control device, can achieve the AC asynchronous motor soft start, frequency control, improve the running accuracy , change the power factor, over current / over voltage / overload protection and other functions. But how to protect it? If you have any knowledge, simply say:

1. Before doing maintenance, make sure that all power is turned off and it is performed after the inverter cools 3-30.

2. Regularly clean the dust inside the inverter. Improve the surrounding environment of the inverter.

3, timely check the grid voltage 4, it is best to use anti-corrosion processing of the inverter 5, the first low-frequency work, and then the normal voltage 6, fresh air pressure to improve the environmental conditions 7, the implementation of the inverter standards: HG2369-92GB/T17200 -1997

8, the maximum stroke of the activity holder: 930mm

9, the display range: 0 ~ 99999.9N

10, less than 15W machine power ≤ 800W

Find out about its basic properties and technical parameters so that you can use it with confidence. Ensure safety.

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