Cheng Li Auto teaches you how to choose the right refrigerated truck


  Refrigerated trucks are key equipment in an important part of low-temperature cold chain logistics. The refrigerated truck is reliable in the refrigerated transport process and has stable performance. It is the key to ensuring the safety of perishable and fresh foods in the transportation process. Road transport refrigerated trucks usually consist of three parts: the vehicle chassis, the insulation cabin and the refrigeration unit. Therefore, the choice of refrigerated trucks also starts from these three parts.

First, the choice of refrigerated truck chassis:

It is relatively easy to choose the chassis of a refrigerated truck. Because we can only choose the car chassis that complies with China's auto sales announcement and meet the national standards. We must also pay attention to whether the chassis has passed the fuel consumption (fuel) test. If the fuel consumption (fuel) is not up to the standard, it can only be applied to the household but it can not apply for the operation certificate. Regardless of the size of the tonnage, domestic or imported car chassis are the same requirements. For the car chassis, the customer is the same regardless of whether it is purchased by the customer or the manufacturer of the entrusted car body.

Second, the choice of refrigerator body:

The choice of the car body is related to the delivery of the specific goods. Different goods have different requirements for the car body. For example, refrigerated trucks that carry fresh meat need to be custom-made hooks on the car body; refrigerated trucks that distribute fresh food for the stores have small batches, many varieties, and require multi-temperature refrigerated trucks; the temperature needs are different, and frequent loading and unloading require more refrigerated trucks. All of these, the user can customize the car body according to specific needs.

Third, the choice of refrigeration vehicle refrigeration unit:

(1) Choose according to the size of the refrigerated compartment: Independent units or non-independent units can be selected. In general, a 6- meter flashbox is suitable for selecting independent units. The size of the individual units can be determined according to the length of the car. Non-independent units should be used for the carriages below 6 meters .

(2) According to the temperature requirements of the goods shipped by the refrigerated truck: The cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit can be selected. In terms of price, it is more expensive and fresher units are relatively cheap.

(3) Choose according to the requirements of distribution of refrigerated trucks: For example, when refrigerated trucks are used to distribute ice-creams from point to point in the cities, then it is necessary to choose regenerative cooling units or independent units. Only long-distance or point-by-point distributions with long distances in the city are required. Only suitable for fan-type refrigeration units.

(4) According to the origin and brand of the refrigerator: You can use imported or domestic brands.

I believe with the above introduction, for the majority of refrigerated truck users how to choose a suitable refrigerated truck chassis, insulation boxes, refrigeration units have a certain understanding, you can easily choose the most suitable refrigerated truck.

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