The advantages of semi-automatic nitrogen determination of crude protein content


An ideal instrument for rapid determination of crude protein. At present, semi-automatic nitrogen determination instruments are generally recommended in China. This is a small size, fast measurement time, no need for a fume hood, and an inexpensive instrument. Heating digester and distillation apparatus. Moreover, the digestion device uses a temperature control display, the temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted at room temperature -500e, said good sample into the digestive tube, and then injected 10mL sulfuric acid and catalyst, the digestive tube into a single well furnace, so that the sample Accelerated decomposition, digestion, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases in the digester overflow through the smoke exhaust pipe, pumped out by the suction pump and water into sulfuric acid solution discharged into the sewer, can save the fume hood device. Digestion time is 110~115h.

The semi-automatic dynamometer distillation unit uses an electric steam generator to continuously perform trace and constant distillation operations. Concentrated lye is automatically added and distilled to allow NH3 to overflow. It is absorbed by HBO3 after being cooled by a condenser tube, with a known molar concentration. The acid titration, determination of the sample total nitrogen content, multiplied by the conversion coefficient of nitrogen and protein is the crude protein content. Distillation time is about 9min.

The application advantages of the semi-automatic nitrogen determination instrument are still unique. The use of semi-automatic nitrogen determination equipment eliminates harmful gases from the water through the exhaust pipe, which keeps the indoor air from being contaminated, and also avoids pollution of the surrounding environment. It also saves expensive laboratories. Fume hood costs. Moreover, the operation is simple, and the operations such as adding concentrated lye and discharging the waste liquid are automatically controlled by the switch, so that the operator is prevented from contacting the concentrated lye liquid. According to the needs of the sample size, the digester can choose 4 holes, 8 holes or 14 holes. Each switch can control two single-well furnaces and operate cheaply.

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