2017 smart home market is expected to exceed 8 billion


With the continuous development of the Internet, the Internet of Things and big data, the scale of the smart home market will be greatly expanded, and market demand will usher in a period of rapid growth.
The International Internet of Things Trade and Application Promotion Association (IIPA, referred to as the International Association for the Promotion of Physical Affairs) released the "2013 China Smart Home Industry Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that in the next three years, the growth rate of China's smart home market will continue to increase, and it is expected to reach 29.17 in 2016. It is predicted that the market size of China's smart home industry will reach 8 billion yuan in 2017.
In the past, the concept of smart home has been very hot, but the actual application is not warm. Since 2010, the shipment of wireless smart home products with lower cost has shown a relatively large growth rate. In addition, mainstream manufacturers have gradually lowered prices in order to promote the market. The smart homes in 2010-2012 have maintained a relatively healthy development speed. . According to the market research data of the International Association for the Promotion of Physical Affairs (IIPA), the China smart home market in 2010-2012 has maintained a growth of more than 20 for three consecutive years. Among them, the market size in 2012 reached 2.49 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 20.29.
The International Association for the Promotion of Physical Affairs (IIPA) believes that the gestation period of domestic smart homes will remain for a certain period of time. 2016-2017 is the beginning of the high-speed development period of the domestic smart home industry. In 2017, the market scale of China's smart home industry will reach 8 billion. yuan. With the popularization of domestic broadband services, every household has the basic conditions for deploying intelligent systems, which has paved the way for the smart home industry. In recent years, the rapid development of smart phones has greatly increased the acceptance of intelligent applications. The entire smart home industry is maturing and the market is expanding. At the same time, the demand for smart home services, mainly system design, installation, maintenance, personalized development, system upgrades, etc., is constantly increasing, gradually highlighting its market value.
The awareness of the smart home industry continues to increase and the price of smart home systems gradually approaches the psychological price of users, which will bring positive momentum to the rapid development of the industry.

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