The instrument industry is growing faster than the manufacturing industry


The instrument industry is growing faster than the manufacturing industry

In 2013, the main income of the instrumentation industry maintained a relatively high growth rate of 15.1%. After the first two years of adjustment, this growth rate can be said that the industry has entered a period of moderate growth, so it is expected that in 2014, the instrumentation industry The growth rate of production and sales will be around 15%, which will continue to exceed the growth rate of industrial and manufacturing industries across the country.

Nowadays, the technological transformation, energy saving and emission reduction, and upgrading of mechanical and electrical products of industrial enterprises in China have continuously increased the demand for industrial automation products. Although the industries related to people's livelihood are small, the proportion is small and the scale of enterprises is small. Due to the low base, the increase in the national guideline on the importance of people's livelihood is higher. It can be seen that China's instrumentation industry has entered a period of moderate development.

However, due to the difficulty of medium-to-high-end scientific instruments, small quantities, and high unit prices, the comparative advantage factors of China's manufacturing industry are small. Therefore, while the industry develops steadily and at a moderate rate, companies should continue to strengthen their own strengths and achieve better development under this favorable environment.

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