Analysis of Development Trends of Environmental Monitoring Instruments Industry


Analysis of Development Trends of Environmental Monitoring Instruments Industry

Nowadays, environmental issues continue to plague us, and the market demand for environmental monitoring instruments and meters continues to increase. However, the relevant industries in our country can be said to be late start, rapid development, but behind the rapid development is exposed A lot of problems.

China's environmental monitoring instruments are mostly medium and low-end products produced by small and medium-sized enterprises. The technology level is generally low, the product types are small, the failure rate is high, and the service life is short. This results in low monitoring frequency, large sampling error, inaccurate monitoring data, and inability to promptly reflect the status of pollutant discharge. This not only affects the scientific decision-making of environmental management and the seriousness of law enforcement, but also easily dampens the enthusiasm of enterprises for pollution control and environmental protection. For example, various pollution source emission on-line monitoring systems do not solve the measurement problems brought about by high temperature, high humidity, and high particulate matter content. The online smoke and dust automatic monitoring system is basically still blank in China, which greatly limits the total amount of smoke and dust. The implementation of the control system.

The research and development capabilities are low, and the on-line monitoring equipment has a relatively low system production capacity and cannot meet the needs of the market. High-quality analyzers, special-purpose monitoring instruments, and automatic monitoring systems are mostly introduced from abroad, so the share of domestically-made instruments is small. In China's domestic instruments, the occupancy rate of atmospheric monitoring instruments is about 70%, and the occupancy rate of water quality monitoring instruments is about 60%. Most of these instruments are in the level of the international 1980s and cannot meet actual needs; the instruments required by sewage treatment plants The instrument is still basically imported. The R&D expenses of large foreign companies generally account for 5-10% of the company's total sales, while those of the better ones in China are only 1%, and the product life cycle is far greater than that of developed countries.

Environmental monitoring equipment future investment

For the problems at this stage, our country must first increase the investment in scientific research that is urgently needed for environmental protection work, and include the development of environmental monitoring technologies in the key areas of environmental research. With the help of various supporting policies of the country, we will promote the industrialization and technical upgrading of environmental monitoring instruments. At the same time, we will promote the integration of scientific research and production of monitoring instruments and encourage environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers, universities, and scientific research institutions to adopt various methods to carry out technical cooperation and accelerate the transformation of environmental monitoring technologies.

Second, using market regulation measures to promote the recombination of environmental monitoring equipment manufacturers, gradually changing the status of monitoring instruments with weak production technology, decentralized investment, low level of duplication, low market competitiveness, and achieving a moderate scale of intensive production to form a Batch monitoring equipment production backbone enterprises. At the same time, products should be adjusted from high to low to high-end equipment to meet the needs of actual work.

The third is to use high technology to reorganize, transform, and upgrade the technological level and competitiveness of the environmental monitoring technology and instrumentation industry to accelerate the process of localization. It is advisable to adopt domestically-made monitoring instruments and equipment at the level of similar technologies. With the improvement of the technological level, the prices of domestically-made equipment and equipment should be appropriately raised, and profit margins should be increased so that enterprises can have sufficient funds to increase the level of manufacturing. For foreign advanced monitoring equipment of complete sets of technologies, we encourage the introduction, digestion, and absorption of key technologies from abroad, and joint venture production, and gradually realize localization.

Analysis of atmospheric pollution sources started

Moreover, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in 2014 the Ministry of Environmental Protection will initiate the analysis of the source of air pollutants nationwide. Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said in an interview with the media that in 2014, large-scale and standardized start-up studies on the source of pollutants in the country will be initiated, and key cities such as Beijing will submit initial results in the first half of this year. In addition, in 2014, we will also start the construction of the third phase of the new air quality monitoring capabilities and require the completion of full coverage of the new standard monitoring capabilities for cities above prefecture level.

According to the “three-step” implementation plan of the new air quality standard approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Environmental Air Quality Monitoring Ability” in 2012. The first two phases were completed in 2012 and 2013 respectively. The first phase involved cities mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key regions as well as municipalities directly under the Central Government and provincial capitals, a total of 78 cities and 438 monitoring stations. The second phase involves national key environmental protection cities and model cities, of which 87 prefecture-level cities have 388 monitoring sites. There are more than 330 prefecture-level cities in China. According to the requirements, the remaining cities will complete the tasks of new standard monitoring capacity building in the third phase. The scale of demand for monitoring equipment will be the largest ever.

According to the analysis, with the promotion of the national environmental protection policy and the increase in investment in environmental protection, the environmental monitoring industry at the top of the environmental protection industry chain in the office will also usher in rapid development. According to the “12th Five-Year Plan for National Environmental Supervision and Capability Construction”, the total investment in the field of environmental monitoring during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period is 40 billion yuan, and related instrument manufacturers will benefit from the new market demand. In addition, after the completion of the nationwide environmental monitoring system, a huge monitoring network will be formed, and the monitoring system will require scientific operation and management, which also provides a development opportunity for professional companies engaged in environmental protection technology services.

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