Shanghai Tripod explains the application fields and production methods of triphenylphosphine


Triphenylphosphine is a basic raw material for ruthenium-phosphine complex catalysts and has a wide range of applications in domestic petrochemical industries. Triphenylphosphine is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, organic synthesis, and analysis. Triphenylphosphine can also be used as a brightening agent for dyestuffs, high-molecular polymer, antioxidant for color film imaging, stabilizer for polyepoxidation, and also as an analytical reagent.

Triphenylphosphine Application:

Triphenylphosphine is a triphenyl substituent of phosphine. It mainly exhibits reducing and nucleophilic properties. The application fields are as follows:

1. An important ligand for homogeneous catalysts used in the production of petrochemicals and fine chemicals.

2, Ruthenium phosphine complex catalyst base materials.

3, vitamin D2, vitamin A, clindamycin and other drugs and plant pigments play an important role in the reaction.

4, Lightening agent in the dye industry, heat stabilizers, light stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, antistatic agents, rubber antiozonants, analysis reagents.

Triphenylphosphine production method:

The preparation method is that phenol is used as a raw material, and after the esterification reaction and then vacuum distillation, the triphenyl phosphite is obtained.


The specific process is divided into batch method and continuous method.

(1) Batch method

Phenol is added to the reactor, warmed and added after melting. The reaction starts with phenol at 70-90°C. After the addition, the temperature of the reaction mixture rises to about 150°C; the dissolved hydrogen chloride is removed under reduced pressure at high temperature and unreacted. Phenol is a product.

(2) Using a tower reactor

Phenol was admitted from below the upper condenser of the tower and from above the lower receiver of the tower. The two are reacted in a tower, the product is collected in a receiver, and byproduct hydrogen chloride is introduced into the absorber through the upper end of the condenser. Crude esters are obtained by distillation and other treatments.

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